Ellie Warner | Crown & Crumpet SF Bridal Shower

We always have a great time doing any type of wedding photography in San Francisco. The city and it’s people are always so beautiful and today was no exception! Do you ever think to yourself that you’re lucky to meet certain people in your life? Ellie’s one of those people. Ellie was my sister’s roommate about 8 years ago and it’s been fun seeing her transform from the young, playful (and often goofy), girl, into the mature, playful (and still goofy) young woman! She’s since gone onto quite a few cool things including becoming an event coordinator for Thomas Fogarty Winery. If any of you brides are still looking for a location and a great coordinator, do yourself a favor and contact Ellie. Lyndsay and I were lucky enough to be asked to shoot her bridal shower at the really cool and chic tea house Crown & Crumpet in the city and it was a few hours of absolute comedy! All in all, we had a fantastic time catching up with all of the old friends and family and can’t wait for the wedding!

Kevin -

I love what you guys have done with everything. Thanks for your comment, I love they shots I got. We need to hook up and shoot together.

Fran -

WOW- these are amazing- you guys do fabulous work with those cameras! Very artsy! Fantastic job!

nina -

OHHH I LOVE THESE PICS!!! you guys just make it look so easy and so darn good!!!
cant wait to see the pics from the wedding…and so good seeing you again!!!

Rima -

Wow! I love the graphic design element in your work, and website!! Very fresh and creative!

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