Doing our part a little bit at a time.

Please understand before you read this that we have already donated to the Red Cross fund for Haiti, but we’d like to do more and decided this would be a great way to help out. Thx!

This post has less to do with photography, and more to do with humanitarianism. Sometimes we need to take a moment to realize that what we do here is only by the grace of God and that we’re the fortunate ones. Often times we mute the TV or change the channel because all the news has to report about are acts of violence, or some type of death and destruction going on in the world. Instead…we should be paying close attention to these issues and take the chance to think of ways we can help and/or promote the change and the betterment of our society.

Both Lyndsay and I donate, on a regular basis, our time and money to different charities and organizations. Whether it be local events like the Cops for Kids program or worldwide like the fight against breast cancer, all of our help is needed. I understand that this may sound like a regurgitation of the same thing everybody else says, and it may be, but every bit of help counts.

As soon as we heard about the tragedy in Haiti, we decided to help out and donate, but after seeing some of the photos sent by friends that are donating their time in Haiti, we decided that we’d like to do more. From now until Valentine’s day, every legitimate (non-spam) photographer follower we get on Twitter (@kameronolds), we will donate $1.00 to the Red Cross. For more information about how you can donate either follow @RedCross on Twitter or go to

Anonymous -

I see a clean, yet fun, style portrayed in the most recent branding. I like what you’re doing with it and the direction definitely seems to be YOU. Keep it clean and consistent. I think it is easy to tweak and tweak, never being happy where you’re at, but sometimes it is best to let it be for a bit. After a year, you should be doing the subtle tweaks to the brand, for solidarity. I hope this helps and isn’t too much for a “comment” section.

Overall Impressions:

Pros = fun, clean, hip
Cons = might need a bit more persona, warmth, exclusive feel

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