Nicole + Santiago | Urban//Street Engagement Session

COMING UP: Nicole & Santiago’s beautiful wedding at Saint Bernards Catholic Church in Tracy, CA!

Nicole & Santiago are one of those couples that kind of fool you at first. They have the look of a bold, young, club-hopping, urban couple, but after meeting them you realize that their model-like exterior gives way to a truly down to earth, soft-spoken and very complimentary couple. When they said that they wanted to do something on the modern, hard-edged side for their engagement photos, I thought…okeedokee…let’s do it! Since street & urban fashion is one of our favorite styles to shoot for our personal work, it’s always a lot of fun when we get a couple that wants their engagement session shot that way! Nicole is actually our first client to come in wanting to do a Thrash The Dress session. Keep checking back for their wedding and Nicole’s Thrash The Dress session…

Nicole & Santiago: You two were so much fun to work with and we can’t wait to do your Thrash The Dress session!

~ ♥ Shooting Gallery

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