Leah & Brian’s Wedding (Teaser)

Just a bit of teaser for Brian & Leah while they’re on their honeymoon! Sometimes Modesto has it’s hidden spots for photography and we found a couple of super cool little spots for some great photos! A huge thanks to Anthony from Moondog Photography who at the last minute jumped on board to help us out after Lyndsay got hit with a bad case of the flu. Anthony was a big part in busting out super awesome photos on a really tight timeline and helping capture all of the fun at Brian & Leah’s wedding.

…come back to check out the rest of the photos in a few days!





  • Just shootin’ the ;o) – So I’ve been seeing a lot of wonderful forward movement with the great people of our area and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! Being a part of a community with integrity and a good outlook on the future is essential these days.

Jay Crihfield -

the shot with the “not available” sign is awesome…great find!

Megan Ott -

Lookin’ good!

SF Wedding Photographer | Tofurious SEO

Being a San Francisco wedding photographer, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to meet and learn from SEO king Lawrence Chan of Tofurious! A few weeks back a few lucky people got the chance to sit down and learn some exciting new SEO tricks from Lawrence, as well as get acquainted and  talk shop with some really cool and very inspirational Bay Area wedding photographers. After a few  hours of talking with Lawrence, months of reading and trying to figure out this SEO thing, all came together in a nice, neat, and very well informed package! Now I’m sure we’ve all tried our hands at SEO, but let me assure you that all of the pieces will come together like a puzzle after this consultation.

All in all it was a great consultation, but even more, it was great to meet a few talented and super cool photographers that really have a lot going on! These guys (and ladies) are a great bunch and are always worth checking out. Make sure and visit their sites and leave them a comment…it’s worth your while!

Ashley & Chris from Ashley Summer Photography | Ashley Summer Photography Blog

Chris & Sara from Sara Goetz Photography | Sara Goetz Photography Blog

Lawrance Chan (Tofurious)  Tofurious | Furious Photographers

Alex’s Rockstar Senior Photos

If there are two things Alex is passionate about it’s his music and trains! Alex is typically a shy senior until you either ask him about anything trains, or you get him rippin’ on his Les Paul.  Believe me, this kid can shred on a guitar…but it’s not until you ask him to play a Rodney Carrington song, that you see the fun side of him come out. For those of you who know Rodney Carrington’s music you understand why. For those of you who don’t…I’m not even going to try and explain it. Anyway…we decided to take Alex out to a few spots in Merced that would incorporate both his inner rockstar and his love of trains and this is what we came up with.  (We had to dump a few of the photos in the session that were blurred because we either had tears in our eyes or we were laughing so hard we were shaking!)

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Shooting Gallery Photo - Alex 01






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