White space, focus, new branding & goodbye to the old green square!

All in all, 2010 was a wonderfully successful year for us and not only in terms of our business. Our clients are fantastic, we’ve learned more than we could’ve imagined, met a load of extremely talented people/friends and been involved in some extraordinary projects! Now that we’ve managed to get our feet underneath us, we’ve managed to expand our business and become a multi-shooter studio and are planning an expansion into  family & seniors photography. With all of that, we decided it was time to give the branding an overhaul and start trying to establish our studio and give ourselves a stronger identity to potential clients and in the industry in general. Our goal for 2011 is not only to keep moving and bettering ourselves as wedding photographers, but also to move into doing more work with the people around us and their families and friends. Lyndsay and my decision came on the heels of my little sister Kassidy blossoming into a fantastic photographer who has a great talent for working with children and her eagerness to become part of the Shooting Gallery family.

So now it’s time to say goodbye to the old green square of yesterday, and look forward to new places, people and opportunities…
~ Shooting Gallery

Nicole + Santiago | Urban//Street Engagement Session

COMING UP: Nicole & Santiago’s beautiful wedding at Saint Bernards Catholic Church in Tracy, CA!

Nicole & Santiago are one of those couples that kind of fool you at first. They have the look of a bold, young, club-hopping, urban couple, but after meeting them you realize that their model-like exterior gives way to a truly down to earth, soft-spoken and very complimentary couple. When they said that they wanted to do something on the modern, hard-edged side for their engagement photos, I thought…okeedokee…let’s do it! Since street & urban fashion is one of our favorite styles to shoot for our personal work, it’s always a lot of fun when we get a couple that wants their engagement session shot that way! Nicole is actually our first client to come in wanting to do a Thrash The Dress session. Keep checking back for their wedding and Nicole’s Thrash The Dress session…

Nicole & Santiago: You two were so much fun to work with and we can’t wait to do your Thrash The Dress session!

~ ♥ Shooting Gallery

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Sometimes the light finds you! | Stephanie + Aaron Wedding Teaser

Coming up: Stephanie & Aaron’s beautiful Turlock wedding at Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church.

For more photos of Stephanie + Aaron, check out the first of two engagement sessions we did with them earlier this year: Stephanie + Aaron Engagement One

This is just a quick teaser for Stephanie & Aaron before they leave on their honeymoon to Saint Lucia…(yeah, I’m jealous)! On a side note, thank you both for a fantastic day! You know sometimes when you meet somebody, you think to yourself that you could see sitting down with them and having a drink or dinner…that was these two. They’re such a warm, genuine couple and we’ve enjoyed all of the interaction we’ve had with them during their wedding planning.

Stephanie + Aaron: Have fun and safe trip to Saint Lucia. Take lot’s of photos. Turn off the cell phones.  And most of all…enjoy some alone time with each other! Let us know when you’re back in town.

~ ♥ Shooting Gallery

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