We’ve gone pink! | National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

These days so many people are affected by breast cancer it’s hard to find somebody that doesn’t either have a family member, friend or have themselves had it. Our family’s been plagued by it in the past and we’ve lost both family and friends to the disease.


This month we’d like to give back a little to let breast cancer survivors know how proud we are that they beat this awful disease and to help give hope to current breast cancer patients! During October we’d like to offer all breast cancer survivors and women who currently have breast cancer, free family sessions! As well, during October, 25% of all fees from family sessions will be donated directly to the Komen for the Cure foundation.

Please also make sure to click the links above to see how you can help out. The statistic that a woman dies every 69 seconds from breast cancer…we can’t have that. Period.

Thanks for any help you can give!

~ ♥ Shooting Gallery

Lloyd Gomez -

Kudos. Love what you guys are doing to give back.

Some photos deserve to be dark & mysterious…

Just a quick teaser from the beautiful Sainte Claire Hotel wedding we shot last weekend in San Jose. Although Jasmine & Navid are a wonderfully vibrant couple, some images just deserve to be dark and mysterious. This shot was more about the passion they have for each other than the bright smiles and tons of laughing you’ll see in the full wedding post.

Thanks again guys for having us…the wedding was beautiful, fun, comical, and elegant all wrapped up in one magnificent day!

~ ♥ Shooting Gallery

Sainte Claire Hotel Wedding Photo

Six years ago I became a better person. Three years ago I became complete.

Please don’t fault me if I’m not the most eloquent writer you’ve come accross

Three years ago today I was as nervous as I’d ever been in my life, but knew it was for all the right reasons. My life had taken a dramatic shift from the high-speed, intense lifestyle of a San Francisco professional to a more conservative, much lower stress pace, and looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. Lyndsay brought me back to reality in a sense and completely grounded me from the day we met. She’s my best friend, my partner in crime, my right-hand-woman in the business, a friend to all of my friends and a very big part of our family. Looking back on six years that began a transformation from a half into a whole, I can’t even, nor do I want to imagine what would’ve happened if we hadn’t met. Hmm…just think…I wouldn’t have a back to rub EVERY NIGHT (cough cough) I wouldn’t have anybody to calm me down when things are getting out of control. Nobody would be there to put me in my place when I’m getting crazy (hey I’m a dude…). Nobody would listen to my dorky jokes and my awful singing…! Now that everything seems to be on track with our lives, our family, our business, I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 50 years will bring…kids, more friends, traveling…

This is why six years ago I became a better person and three years ago I became complete.

~ ♥ Kameron

Thanks again to Mike & Emi from Evoke Photography in Pasadena for our beautiful wedding photos!

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