Lizzy & Cory | Up-Wright Citizens

Upcoming: Lizzy and Cory’s wedding at Twisted Oak Winery in Murphys, CA. Check back to see how 2 of the industry’s fab, up and coming planner/coordinatiors, Ellie Platis and Janece Shellooe pulled off an absolutely extraordinary evening!

Lizzy and Cory are one of those couples you love to spend time with! They’re warm, relaxed, fun, and love to play around. These two have an honest, raw connection to each other and you know as soon as you meet them, they are truly a perfect fit. I can’t wait to blog their wedding, so you can get an even better idea of how deep their connection really is. You know you have a wonderful couple when every time you see them it’s like they’d known each other forever!

– Lizzy & Corythe two of you make us smile every time we look at your photos and know that someday we may get the chance to shoot your 50th anniversary! We hope to see you both soon and in the mean time, take a load off, since I think you just got back from your honeymoon…right?

~ ♥ Shooting Gallery

Kevin Layton -

Sick stuff man! I love the light, sun flares, focal points, color, inappropriate grabbing =), and everything else about these shots! Great stuff.

Chase -

Love this session! So fun and fresh!

Kia Gregory -

Love that first shot! Looks like a fab (and hot) couple!

Thirty Nine Years & No Looking Back | Kasey + Ken {Happy Anniversary!}

Thirty nine years and never once have my parents thought that they’d be anywhere else. When they took their vows 39 years ago, “For richer or poorer, for better or worse, through sickness and in health” probably didn’t mean that as many years later their life would’ve been filled with so many of each. Though there were tough years, and not so tough years,  their commitment and their ideas about how to raise a family never changed. My parent’s are very comfortable now (not for lack of work), and that (to me) means that God looks at the goodness in each person and rewards some for their accomplishments in life. During my life it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence to see  my parents up until 4AM listening to my friend’s problems, just to wake up the next morning and go at it as if nothing would be different about their day. I’ve seen them put everybody else ahead of themselves even if it meant sacrificing something they loved to do. But as I write this I know that this is who they are and that IS what they love to do.

Mom & Dad: I just wanted to say thanks. I don’t have the time, nor the space to thank the two of you for everything you’ve done for all of us! The help you’ve given us with our flourishing business, our beautiful home, all of the love and support…I could go on for hours. Just know that even though it’s sometimes unsaid, it’s always appreciated!

Happy Anniversary!

~ ♥ Kameron…( and Lyndsay)

Mom & dad -

Dear kameron & (lyndsay)

Your parents are not good at all this electronic gizmo stuff as you can tell by how long it took to get this message back to you.

Your anniversary posting to us was truly an emotional surprise. It was heartfelt an brought tears to our eyes. We are so touched by your photos and words. They put in to perspective as to why we are here. We love our family and friends and are most happy when we are together just enjoying life no matter where we’re at or what we’re doing.

We love you

Mom & dad

Natalee + Rhett {Wedding Teaser} | A Rare Vintage of Love

Natalee and Rhett’s vintage wedding in Turlock had all the right touches! Turlock and Modesto wedding couples…you’ll want to take note and come back to see the full post. Natalee and Rhett had every detail exactly right and their wedding was a perfect example of how to put your personal style to work!

Natalee + Rhett: You two rocked all day and were such a pleasure to work with! We’ll have the full post up soon and can’t wait for you to see the rest of the photos!

~ ♥ Shooting Gallery

Natalee & Rhett

Natalee & Rhett

Veronica -

Love it! Can’t wait to see more. =)

amanda -

Love all the pictures, what a great team you two make!!!

Big Rich -

Dude, I love your post processing. The top image is amazing. I can’t wait to see the rest.

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