What is required to book a wedding with Shooting Gallery?
We require a completed contract along with a $1,500 deposit. The final amount is due at least two weeks prior to the booking date.

What forms of payment do you take?
Cash, check or by major credit card via Paypal or Square.

How far in advance will you book?
We accept bookings as far out as 12 months.

Do you shoot digital or film?
We are a digital studio. Although we shoot film on some occasions, we use film techniques while shooting digitally in order to take full advantage of the benefits of our digital cameras.

Do you travel for Wedding and Portrait Sessions?
You betcha! We love to travel and we’re all about photographing our clients in new and interesting places.

Do we get the high-resolution files from our session?
Yep! All weddings include a disc of the high-resolution images. The files will be delivered with the album. Shooting Gallery Photography and any associate photographers reserve the right to both use the photos for their own personal marketing as well as reserve the creative right to edit and release only those images that are considered to be of quality consistent with the standards of Shooting Gallery Photography.

What would you say your style of photography is?
To begin, we are wedding photojournalists. This means that we aren’t your typical portrait photographers. We specialize in relaxed, candid photos that capture the essence of the moment. Rather than simply document a special time, we capture memories! We’re always laughing and joking with our couples, but we’re very serious about the quality or work.

We get our inspiration by staying current with high-end, and bridal fashion, which translates into beautiful, modern photographs with a timeless & classic look.

We DO include portrait photos during the wedding day, just not the entire time.

How long after my wedding can I expect to see my pictures?
We pride ourselves on the attention we give to each of our couples and their photos. Although most parts of the process don’t take more than a few weeks each, during peak wedding seasons, we may take up to the maximum amount of estimated time.

You mentioned an “Unplugged Wedding”…what does that mean?
Because you want your guests present and engaged in your wedding, you might consider an “unplugged wedding” or at least an “unplugged ceremony”, where you respectfully request that guests shut off all cameras, cell phones and video cameras. This is becoming an ever so popular request, as more and more guests are bringing cameras to weddings, some that even outright disrupt the day in some way.


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