Thanks in advance for helping us dial in our brand!

Thank  you so much for taking the time to help us dial in our brand!

Note: Please use the comment section below. Don’t worry about filling in your name, website, or any other personal information. This is purely for our benefit to see whether or not people see our brand, and what message we convey in the online world.

  • We’re looking for feedback–positive or negative–about how our brand is portrayed and whether or not people have ever heard of us. We welcome all types of feedback whether it be suggestions, advice, personal experience, etc. Please let us know how visible we are and whether or not we’re doing okay, or whether we could use some help in any areas you see lacking.
  • Our goal for our brand is to portray a fun, modern attitude, at the same time letting our clients know that we are very passionate about our work. As well, we try to convey to potential clients that they’ll be treated as if they are our only clients, rather than a simply a number on a long list.

Thank you again for taking the time to help us out!

…Kameron & Lyndsay

Kia Gregory -

Hey guys! The thing I love about your brand is definitely the color, green. It makes everything pop. Love how the font in your logo is modern (because of the sans-serif font). If I were a new bride coming to you without previously knowing you, I would remember the logo because of the color, but I would also remember the gray swirls (technical term?) that’s at the top of the page. I also love your business name. Shooting Gallery is clever and again, makes you all stand out from the rest. Word.

Chris stewart -

Hey guys. Ok so honest feedback, to me I don’t think you “branding” portrays modern, it almost is dull to me and reminds me a but of H&R block jar with a swirly behind it. I think honestly the swirly is played out in the photog industry and is just a trend/fad. Now don’t get me wrong cause we have a filligree behind our logo but it’s not all over the place. As another photograher I don’t really see you guys on Twitter as much. Maybe working more on marketing and staying in touch with networking a social media a bit more. Just my thoughts and I just wanted to be honest with you guys cause we know when we ask questions and feedback like this from others we like honesty. Hope I wasn’t too harsh. Have a good day.

Chris Boyd -

Waddup SG Photo!!!

Lovin’ the blog and website. Visually appealing with the white/green base colors and gray accents. Definitely unique design. As I read your site and browse your work, I’m feeling the vibe you’re going for. But what I like best about your website is actually missing from the blog – your tagline! Unique – Modern – YOU. It’s your brand summed up in one phrase. I love it. It’s memorable. It should be everywhere. Get it up on that blog header with your logo! One more thing – the website is a bit confusing with both “contact” and “connect” in the menu. whaaaa?? I’m confused and I’m not even a bride. And “Connect” basically just links back to the blog. So definitely get that figured out.

Seriously tho – you guys are dialing it in. And your work speaks for itself, which is the most important thing. I’m loving your latest engagement teaser (Kristine & Gary). It exudes Shooting Gallery Style.

Keep it up. Wish you guys the best.


I n s t a g r a m